Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Dividends Update - Quarter 1 (Jan to Mar 2021)

Sigh, in a sea of red, shall we concentrate on the dividends?

January 2021 gains were wiped out due to the market correction but Q1 (Jan - Mar 21) dividends reached an all time high of $10K.

Ever since joining the community, I've gotten a few inspirations but it's very easy to be distracted by the various views on investment strategy. Some think it's useless to invest in the Singapore stock market due to the phenomenal bull run of the US stock market, some think that the US market is over-valued and due for a crash. You basically got to form your own view and decide what's the best course of action for 2021.

For me, I've started positions in the US market by purchasing Apple, NIO and Alibaba shares. I think Apple has got a strong moat with its ecosystem of consumer products and services, while NIO is touted to be the next Tesla of China. Alibaba has been my best buy thus far as I bought it during the dip when the Ant IPO was scrapped and it was investigated by the China government for anti-competitive business practices. 

I really think Alibaba has the potential to become as valuable as Amazon so I'm going to accumulate more shares slowly during dips. Counting on the dividends and Alibaba to help me achieve financial independence early! HODL!

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